With Chino you will be part of a global family, ready to support you with the finest quality service and products that the market has to offer.

Our commitment to quality guides our entire company – from our highest quality products, to our dedicated personnel and training programme.

Our demand to quality extends to our field operations team, that visits the vendors stores regularly throughout the year.

This team guides you in merchandising and the operation of your agency, to help you achieve the highest performance possible.

We are expanding globally and setting new trends in the market. Our agents have the opportunity to cash in on a trend that has worldwide appeal, whilst enforcing tried and tested formulas of promotion and placement.

We are confident that wherever Chino is now placed, we have the infrastructure to support and build immediate success to your company.


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New Instant Chino Products

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Chino Hot Coffee

See our new instant coffee

The CHINO Human Bean programme
The CHINO Human Bean programme is a new initiative by Chino to spread a little sunshine to people who need it most by bringing communities together. Read More-->

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Chino just launched in Sydney Australia. For more information, please contact us.

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